The Worst Change that's Happening in the TGR

I’ve seen that for the most part, just about everyone is on board with the changes being made that will take place in the Total Game Revamp. Cool, cool! I think generally all of the new ideas that Vetex has are pretty neat and although I’ll be sad to see Magius go for now I’m happy development will be quicker and easier on the devs.

There’s just one thing though that is entirely unforgivable.
One thing that will make or break the TGR, it could possibly even kill the entire game for good.

Fucking “Clan”, instead of “Guild”.

I can not believe Vetex has the audacity to not only change what we call a group of players, but to also force us to go by that standard. To me personally it feels like a deliberate attack on the community.

Weirdo 13 year olds say “Clan”, chad adult Roblox gamers say “Guild” it’s just that simple, and the fact that Vetex is pandering to the autistic community in WoM is completely overshadowed by the fact that it’s a clear violation of our human rights.

As a proud American my freedom of speech can not be taken away. I, along with everyone else with an IQ above 7, say “Guild” and therefore changing that name now will force us to either adapt or fall behind, this is clear anti-competitive behavior and in the great nation of the USA that’s illegal!

As a member of the WoM community I declare all out war on the word “Clan”! Join me in the crusade to keep WoM based!


looks like someones mad

i honestly cannot tell if this is a joke


for real!!! vetex is taking away our rights!!! why no guild why clan !!!

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What a clown I have a negative iq

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Clan sounds better for the theme of AO

pretty sure it’s satire

Clan sounds dumb
keep Guilds

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Clan sounds right for AO
remove Guilds

I don’t think that’s really too nice to say.


shut. up


its satire lol

and jojo fans call it a gang because part 5.
Also yeah, CLAN sounds trash. Guild is more fitting to the game.
also uh according to google :
Guild definition is - an association of people with similar interests or pursuits; especially : a medieval association of merchants or craftsmen.
( Very fitting to WOM ^^^^^^ )
Definition of clan. : a large group of people who are related. informal : a large family. informal : a group of people who are similar or who are interested in the same thing.
( similiar but its mostly about the family, blood related shit ^^^^^^ )

I feel like guild works fine as Fairy tail it’s guilds yet you still see boats

Clans could’ve been for something else but eh, idc

its over, he pulled the freedom of speech card, mods can’t do anything anymore man


same thing

NOOOO MY RIGHTS AS AN AMERICAN!!! I will use my white privilege to make vetex rename!!!

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clash of clans