The Years Gone By

Do you ever think about how in the wait for AO, everyone in the World of Magic Community had grown up 3 years?

Everyone’s aged up, has more responsibilities, etc, with the older people leaving gaming behind all together to pursue jobs and colleges just like the AA generation prior. Some chose to stay behind, while others matured and prioritized their futures

Those youngsters in WoM’s Prime are now an older generation, while newer AO players are gonna step in and join society.

We literally had a timeskip arc


kinda weird to realize the me who joined the AA community 3 years ago is drastically different to me now

AA - AO timeskip

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this has a truly been a “this has truly been a “this has truly been an arcane odyssey” odyssey” odyssey


These years really have gone by…My life is getting alot busier and i have alot more responsibilitys. Im almost finished high school too and I will need to pick a career for the future…But il have time for AO

Screw College and Money, your Arcane Odyssey comes first

I would say that but I cant ignore my responsibility’s lol

@Farerflare ur gonna be 14


Feeling old yet?

yes,I still remember when crouching and blocking with a sword in minecraft was a thing, and also boats being absolutely trash.

Arcane Preparatory for the Odyssey Recruits

i only started playing wom like 1-2 years ago so didnt really effect me
(+ i only joined the forums a month ago)


pee pee poo poo goofy uwu
where im

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Man i’ve been in the AA/ AO/ AS community for what? 5 - 6 years now…

It feels weird, i just realized ive also been in this community for 5+ years wow

Two years and now arcade odyssey l at long last!

It really has been 3 years huh…

Time really does fly