Theories About The War Seas and the planet [Spoilers]

Arcane Odyssey takes place in a sea cluster called the War Seas. Surrounding the War Seas, is the Dark Sea, which spans the entire planet, making travel to other safe sea clusters almost impossible. The War Seas are on the opposite side of the planet from the sea cluster in Arcane Adventures.

But that begs the question… Where exactly are we? It’s a pretty simple answer:


The Bronze Sea is in Greece. Southern Greece, to be more exact. And maybe part of the northern Mediterranean. And I’m going to explain why I think this.

There are several clues that imply the general location of the Bronze Sea, and the rest of the War Seas. The first of which I found, is in Ravenna. At the secret. The shrine with the ancient text.

The inscription in the center of the shrine describes the springs of Mount Helicon, a real life mountain in southern Greece that is important to the Muses. The inscription over the pool of water on the left says Aganippe, and the inscription over the pool on the right says Hippocrene.

It is my belief that these are the sacred springs of Mount Helicon, and that the mountain the Realm of Ravenna calls Mount Caesar, is actually Mount Helicon.

I believe the reason they called the Mountain Mount Caesar, is in tribute to King Kalvus’ Father, King Octavius Caesar. King Caesar was described to have died an untimely death, and so beloved was he, that the mountain was named after him.

The second clue, is Mount Othrys.

Mount Othrys was home to the Titans during the Titanomachy, the war of the Olympians against the Titans. It’s also the birthplace of several of the Olympians, namely, Poseidon (and Hades). Just from this information, and the several references to Titans in-game at Mount Othrys, we can assume they’re one and the same.

The just leaves the last real clue: Mount Olympus.

Mount Olympus is somewhere in the War Seas. Or the ruins of it, at least. Now, it would have been easy to guess the location of the War Seas somewhere around Greece, since we already know that Olympus is here, but now we have 3 real world locations to base this on.

But that’s where a problem pops up. The map doesn’t make sense. It should go, north to south:

Mount Olympus
Mount Othrys
Mount Helicon.

But instead, it goes the opposite way, with Helicon in the north. But I think there’s a simple reason for this:

The magnetic field has switched. It’s not as outlandish as you might think, it’s been known to happen every few hundred thousand years. In fact, we’re expecting one in the next few millennia. And with all the devastation the planet in Arcane Odyssey has seen, along with the intense, worldwide magic pollution, it isn’t unreasonable to suggest it’s been flipped.

There’s a few more miscellaneous clues, such as the Bronze Sea being in the North, while the Scandinavian/Viking people (Wotan the Conqueror and his sons) come from the south, and obvious stuff like how the climate of Ravenna is based on Mediterranean countries, and such, and the Bronze Legion is based on the Roman Empire.

I’m sure there are a lot of holes in this theory and I would be glad to hear what to hear people think. I’m sure I got a lot of stuff wrong in this, like how the Kingdom of Sameria is probably based on an ancient biblical word for a region in Palestine, which would make my whole theory fall apart if that’s where it is.


Aint that just Ravenna.

The entirety of Ravenna is probably just the tip of one of the peaks.

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