Theories on the assassin syndicate?

Yes, its hinting at stuff. So heres basically what we learned from that guy and recent events.

  1. Assassin Syndicate is an organization that gets paid/hired by kingdoms, doesnt seem to care about kingdom relations. (Which we know, theyre involved with wars too from clan description)
  2. Theyre trying to cause conflict between Keraxe and Sameria, wanting a war to break out.
  3. Theres something going on behind the scenes with the Assassin Syndicate, which the person doesnt know.

Look at the 3rd point there, specifically the bolded point. Even thought he says that Assassin Syndicate is an org that doesnt seem to care about kingdom relations, only cares about getting hired, said person is also missing important info.

His remark about the Assassin Syndicate is mentioned to give the player an idea about the AS and what the general public im the War Seas knows about. And then, there’s the “dont know” thats mentioned there too. Which means that certain information might be unreliable because we are literally missing info.

That doesnt mean its completely false because it does reveal a rough idea on what AS does, and what everyone knows about the AS. But the reveal that theres more behind the scenes means that theres more to what theyre doing.

So… Assassin Syndicate profits most from war, they just tried to cause a war… I think the motivation should be clear if you connect the dots.

And I think it can be an interesting plotline to dive into, as it touches on the very core aspect of the War Seas, how different people see and deal with war itself. There are those who try to stop them (GN), there are those who lose everything because of them (civilians), and those who take advantage of them, and cant imagine themselves living in peace (AS). And I think it would be interesting to see AS’s perspective on it.

Maybe for them, its not just for profit. But for them, war is their general way of living.

I would like to mention that Rill Hendrix does say that he left the A.S due to some sort of corruption behind the scenes, along with telling us a few other notes about how the A.S operates, but those are generally unimportant to this conversation.

Oh, I didnt remember this dialogue at all, I mustve missed it so I checked the wiki and found this gem

This basically confirms they are actively trying to cause wars… yeah.

Rill said he was a criminal with his brother, so I wonder if his brother was a high-ranking A.S member as well…

…and why is his brother chilling at the Forest of Cernnunno of all places…

Probs didnt have any other place to go, since hes still a criminal. And only stayed in Cerunno cause the cults are there and own the place, so no one would go after there

Well, you would think that criminal shipwright offering services to other criminals, would go to somewhere other criminals go? Like, he could’ve went to the Grotto, or just I dunno, an abandoned mine where no G.N marine would go, but a criminal/pirate needing repairs would hide at, thats also incredibly close to another retired criminal who hasn’t been caught.

Also, I wouldn’t really trust a cult of maniacs that could easily just pop into my house and murder me in my sleep, seeing that’s something they would do on a whim honestly.

I don’t think the criminal shipwright has many options when it comes to trustworthy people


true, but surely he could’ve done something like Rill to live in the Grotto instead of living in a dank swamp filled with a murderous group of cultists

Grotto is an AS base. If older Hendrix left, he would probably wouldnt be allowed back in there. Rill Hendrix was actually spared because he had good connections with the higher ups (he was good friends with Merlot) and since he protected the place. Thats why hes still there rn

Butterfly basically just said what I was gonna say, better business with the cultists when the other criminal hang out probably doesn’t want you there

Well, I mean, (I forgot his name) could’ve probably became the shipwright for the grotto, probably would’ve been better for business. Assuming Rill and him are on good terms, Rill could’ve probably used his connections with Merlot and whatever connections whats-his-name had to get him a presumably more comfy place to live.

The King Admiral and one of the Red Council members could very likely be in the order, though it would make more sense if the Juraserva leader was in the order since if you control the news you can hide yourself from everyone who reads it

Ooo, that would be interesting

keraxe paid the assassins who paid the corsairs to fuck shit up so that keraxe could invade sameria without trouble from ravenna who has a large navy