Theories on the assassin syndicate?

Theories about them in general are welcome, but I mostly want to focus on why they are trying to start wars between kingdoms. From I believe Nilah’s dialogue, it seems that profit, although possible, likely isn’t a motivator, so what could they be doing this for.

Ngl I totally thought that the AS and GN were gonna be mostly if not entirely side content outside of the main story, did not expect for even one of them to actually be doing stuff in the main story.

they have some beef

I always thought that they were gonna be of major focus in main story at some point, at least with the Gand Navy. There were mentions of a war starting between Grand Navy and Corsair Country. MC would def be involved in a big event like that at some point.

…I didnt expect the Assassin Syndicate to be involved with the Grand Navy and Corsair Coutry plotline in THAT way tho.

My first impression was that its got something to do with the Order, but the most reasonable and logical theory for now is that Assassin Syndicate is secretly causing conflict/war in the War Seas in which they can profit and take advantage of. Since they are basically an organization that profits from War itself. Its a shady thing that can even happen irl, so it makes the most sense.

Isnt it fitting for there to be an organization that actively works to cause conflict between kingdoms in the War Seas? It would really be an important organization for the player to face, and probs a fitting one to face before the 6th and final sea (so I think its in the Marauding Sea)

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They’re like modern day arms manufacturing companies.

They want to start wars and they want to prolong them as long as possible so they can make the most money.

I just sort’ve expected it to be a side quest line, like the Greenwish Cultists are

The only reason I doubt this, is because that one envoy talks about how the assassins don’t care about kingdom relations so long as they get paid. Of courses its possible that they aren’t getting paid enough or want more, but narrative wise that line doesn’t have much reason to be included if they are just out for profit.

Aw man I missed it


Now, while you could argue its for the Order’s sake…

…Calvus is quite literally one of their high lords, if they had the A.S trigger a war between Ravennea/Sameria V.S Keraxe, that’d be stupid on their end. After all, the A.S contracted the Corsairs before, Calvus got murdered and canceled the contract after a war was sure to start. They clearly did it for profit.

Sure, the A.S may not normally do this, but the War Seas seem to be in a state of an uneasy calm in the Vimir-Nimbus-Bronze Sea area. Calm is bad for them, so they they’re trying to start a war to get hired. Of course, they need to cover their tracks, so they hire the Corsairs.

Logically it makes sense if its for profit, its just that one tidbit of dialogue that leads me to believe there’s more to it

Maybe it just seems like that because they are secretly trying to cause wars, not many knows that the Assassin Syndicate had a hand in them. Remember, we just so happened to find those Samerian Envoys. If we didnt find them or try to dig further on what happened, nothing wouldve come to light at all.

Corsair Country is being set up as a kingdom we visit. And if its in a middle of a big war against the Grand Navy, then we’re bound to run into them in the story. Will Vetex really put a full scale war in a side quest? Probs not.

I would like to say also, are we just going to ignore the fact that the people who are usually hired by someone else, hired someone else to do shit for them. Like this makes me think the A.S is on kingdom level, if they can hire another “kingdom” to do their dirty work.

I mean, it’s not out of the posibility that the Corsair Country is paying them enough that they begin caring. Also that one envoy is saying one thing doesn’t mean that the red council isn’t doing the other thing in secret, or that there was a rapid change of actions since the Corsair/Gravy war began.

The Assassins paid the Corsairs.

Well, I would presume that an organization/quasi-kingdom that thrives off of being hired to help fight wars, would want to start one when roughly 3 seas are in relative peace. Especially when peace means that the G.N can spend more time patrolling the sea and searching for criminal hideouts, instead of dealing with refugee crisis’s.


They thrive off of assassination contracts, they don’t need a war to do those, heck its more likely that they’d get hired during peace times as the kingdoms can’t directly fight each other.

Dialogue like that is typically mean to hint at stuff, if its not then its just kinda a red herring meant to do what? Make us think that the AS are more complex than they actually are? Just seems kinda pointless if the dude is actually just totally wrong and the AS are doing exactly what we expected them to do.

Seeing as the A.S are stated to be, 1. Assassins, and 2. Mercernaries, and with the fact that people know who they are, just not how they operate, them being exclusively based off of contract killings is doubtable. They’re stated as an underhanded weapon in wars, so their probably used as assassins and as kill squads sent in to wipe places out.

Them being able to do both doesn’t mean that they need to. Assassins are probably going to be doing assassination contracts the majority of the time.

And again there’s dialogue hinting at a purpose beyond getting paid, so I find it pretty doubtable that they’re doing it all for nothing other than profit.

Please just give me a different idea than “profit”, its the least interesting option, I really just made this post so I could see some fun interesting ideas.

Least interesting? Certainly!

Most realistic and with the info we know pretty much only reasonable option? Certainly!

Are you trying to be annoying?

Yes :smile:

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