Theory on the first Warden Awakening

So, we all know that Warden is going to be about spirit weapons, but I had a thought after watching the QnA a while back, and that thought was: Because Poseidon, the god of the sea, gives the player their first awakening, and gods are the only ones able to use spirit energy (unless it is explicitly given to a person via spirit weapons or whatever the heck Prometheus did to give people magic) does that mean that Warden could have the ability to use spirit energy without spirit weapons?
Logically, it makes sense. Only gods (or people gifted the ability to use spirit energy by gods) can use it. And since a god, Poseidon, gives the player their awakening, that means that it IS possible (lorewise) for Wardens to use Spirit Energy as their awakening ability.
This is just a theory though. Don’t get any ideas. This probably won’t happen.


this might be OP but it’d be cool if wardens could get statboosts from their energy bar (probably a damage reduction boost that lasts until the bar drains) or something for their first awakening.

To be fair we literally already can use spirit energy without the weapons with dodge reflex

thats not cool tho

I mean to say that we probably won’t be entirely reliant on spirit weapons for vitality classes.

10% damage reduction is the awakening

That’s been there for ages and would be an extremely boring awakening lol

It would not surprise me at all if the awakening was the ability to directly use spirit energy once vitality classes are properly implemented

well its in the game right now so it might get remade but idk

Didn’t Vetex or Tech say that one of them is just a placeholder for now?

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it could maybe turn the energy bar into a spirit energy reservoir which stores excess health regen when at full health, and can be used to empower spirit weapons without having to use your main health pool

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