There can only be one… | Femtex Art

Okay okay okay, this is the last one. I got this one from the post below :+1:

Sorry that there isn’t enough detail at the bottom of it since it was getting a bit too long to draw. The only thing that isn’t drawn is the sky besides the glowing parts.


You better apply for the artists role

why is she using Vergil’s sword spell

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Hell yea

why must you do this to me

looks good btw


i’m gonna

go to brazil later

s u f f e r .

That looks more like a barbarian then a Femtex, so there has to be one more Femtex.

Yeah I guess this could be Barbarian Femtex. Wait… this could mean I can create even more Femtexes! I can think of all of the ideas now! AH YES, I CAN CREATE A WHOLE FEMTEX EMPIRE FULL OF DIFFERENT FEMTEXES!!!

I…GUESS you could say his drawings are…OUT OF THIS WORLD! :clown_face: :clown_face: :drum:

when will you stop drawing fem chars jesus
im starting to be concerned now
you better not work out that one arm with your private art

I practice my art rarely for practice which I guess it’s private art but I only draw with my right hand if that’s what you mean


i know your playing dumb

why does the head look like bikini vetex?

How do you not have artist role

I don’t make art often so it’ll be kind of a total waste to get the role and not post anything. I’ve only been making quite a few now since I think making all of the gender swapping art is pretty comical :nod: :+1:

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