“There Is No Toxicity In Roselight Sing Se”

"There is no toxicity in Roselight Sing Se”
These words echo in my head as I awakened.
As I woke up, I realized I was to be strapped to a chair, my arms and hands taped together, presumably to prevent myself from trying to escape wherever I was. Oddly enough though… it felt as if my magic energy has been… diminished.

There is no toxicity in a Roselight Sing Se
I opened my eyes, curious of what will happen and where exactly I was.
A bright light shines onto my face, the light feeling as if it were to be peering into my soul.

There is no toxicity in Roselight Sing Se
I heard those words once more, and realize someone was repeating them to me. I had looked around, trying to find the voice to no avail.
The chair bounded me to the ground, as my eyes burned from the lights being shined onto my face.

There is no toxicity in Roselight Sing Se
These words terrified me. I tried to remember where I was last as these words penetrated my mind, and my hope as well.
I soon remembered.

There is no toxicity in Roselight Sing Se
At first, I was alone, searching for a guild to have fun with, a guild with many members that you could be friends with… a guild that’ll grant you power.
I had considered joining Suncry, but failed the PVP exam. Then, I considered joining Spellbreakers, till I realize that they were filled with Asians, and were in a total different time zone from me. At last, I scoured the Top 5 leaderboards, searching for somewhere to run to.
I saw an ad that may have changed my life.
“The Roselight Guardians”
“The Roselight Guardians are a guild for pretty much everyone. We’re pretty chill, and we try to create a welcoming, non toxic community for members and outsiders alike.”
Alas, this was the guild. It seemed like a fun place, not too much toxicity as the ad says, and well…
Since I suck at PvP and all, maybe this guild will be just for me!

There is no toxicity in Roselight Sing Se
I had joined the guild, looking for some fun, some joy in my life. I found none, my hopes were shattered, but joining the guild meant no turning back, and there was nothing I could do. The people in the guild, itself, were pretty nice, but all they wanted was power, the imfamy points… it was driving them crazy.
I argued with them, telling them the random killing had to stop…
but nobody heard my cries. Maybe I had gone a bit too far, screaming threats or even beating them upa couple times, but I didn’t think they’d take it this far.
I went to the nearby bar, looking for a drink. The arguing was killing me.

There is no toxicity in Roselight Sing Se.
The words shattered my mind once again as I was in thought, thinking back to what had happened. For some reason, I was having trouble thinking about the events that night…
What exactly happened at the bar…?
My mind… I couldn’t think. A smile began to show upon my face, showing my white ass teeth. It hurt… the smiling hurt… why was I smiling…

There is no toxicity in Roselight Sing Se
I- I don’t know why, but all I could think about was making people happy and worshipping some… Rose. The thoughts wouldn’t stop, I couldn’t think of anything else! The lights flickered, on and off, on and off, on and off, I couldn’t focus…
My smile grew bigger.

There is no toxicity in Roselight Sing Se.
I heard those words once again, except… they were coming from… me…?
A door I hadn’t noticed before swung opened as the lights flickered off. Out of the door, came some Blind Dude (who kinda looked like a girl ngl), an Egirl, some Buff Dude, and some fish person.
They walked to me… and said 5 words.
“Welcome to the Roselight Guardians”


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Indeed. Indeed it does

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even in writing roselight is making a mark

Indeed, indeed.

You suddenly black out…and find yourself in your house, waking up on your bed. Was that a dream? Or was it real…

There is no toxicity in Roselight Sing Se. There is no toxicity in our guild. You are safe now.


I can join roselight guardians to fill it with toxicity if you want it to.

No There is

Finally someone realized this is an Avatar reference.

There Is Toxicity in Ba I mean Roselight Sing Se

bruh i think we all realized :frcryin:

there was a ton of people who asked wha a sing se was

when will we have an actual ba sing se in AO