There is some golden content from the older days of AO forums

is it just me or is this guy the forum’s joker?

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no I’m the forums joker.

he’s the forums oversheltered special ed freakazoid from a clearly overly religious family

He was almost definitely trolling in retrospect.

An unfunny twitter redraw meme that proliferated on the internets some months ago (my memory is foggy) where different characters were drawn in that somewhat sexually suggestive pose that Jack-O’ Valentine makes in her crouching animation in Guilty Gear Strive.

oh that pose :skull:

To be fair he makes a somewhat valid point.

It do be fun as fuck fighting randoms sometimes, and its not like you don’t like the person you’re ganking…?

I didn’t say that WoM’s PvP isn’t fun.
(now I am saying that)
I said they were ‘downright fucking crazy’.

Get ready, im about to start the “great rking war” again