Theres no way noones talking about how iron leg does 800 dmg a hit

wtf im gonna ask him what his build is

he just proc his crystal thingies and deal 432 dmg with bleed

“actually viable”

bitch that shits doing 700 in two hits that WILL be the meta after mages have to aim

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He’s probably using power armor with resistance focus, or tank armor with power focus.

My build can hit all the way up to 556 damage with enough setup

i just asked him he’ll probably tell me his gear

also ew you haven’t even done the clear the trees quest bru

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here’s a clip of me fighting some poor navy commodore with this build
(good rep was my getaway driver, I sent my assassin caravel sailing in an opposite direction right before this clip to distract the other good rep people that had been pursuing me)

fighting styles shatters one crystal status at the time

the change they want to do for crystal magic might actually end up making this build stronger, because you’ll have even more burst potential

And iron leg is getting buffed on hybrids :pain:

Ash iron leg is cheeks use thermo