Theres no way noones talking about how iron leg does 800 dmg a hit

Like what??? testers do u even test this game bro

**sorry testers was tilted. i know u guys try :pleading_face:

demonstrate please

What magic is it? I’m pretty sure it only happens when it’s imbued with crystal in a glass cannon build, since it procs crystallize and shattered at the same time

give me a sec

Ya crystal

Seems like until combat balances come out, which won’t be for a while, your only choice is to play like a zoner. Crystal iron leg is especially slow and has little mobility so as long as you don’t get hit multiple times in quick succession you wont take the 800 damage crystallize/shatter effect

i cant get a clip because i aint losing 50k bounty for this bro.

Crystal Iron Leg.
Any iron leg is fucking busted, 400 dmg with a huge AOE, short cooldown, mobility
its mental

Crystal iron leg does 700 DMG**

Crystal and Metal has synergy of “destroying crystalization”, on top of it, Iron leg has high damage on its own

i only deal 190 damage with ash iron leg

oh hey, sounds like that AvengerSpencer guy I met before…using crystal iron leg and dealing 400+ dmg + bleed without charge while having 1.7k hp is crazy

correction: 150 damage with bleed synergy

It’s a very good build. It’s actually viable in PVP, and while it still struggles against those metal mage metamancers I can see it becoming very popular once the fighting style buffs for warlock and warlord get in.

crystal iron leg is just mental tbh

is this like full calvus set im seeing?

The cape actually had bursting in this clip, but here’s the build I’ve been running.

from what I see, imma guess it’s power amulet, calvus crown, calvus cape, calvus armor, and calvus leggings

oh, close enough

why do u got for archon quartz but not defense amulet?

Archon quartz is objectively better than defense amulet. There’s only a 30 defense difference, while archon quartz gets a major bump in attack speed