Theres something about ruby roger and his co captain

When i see the two of them, i cant help but feel a sense of similarity…
But hear me out:



Always stuck with me that they were Gold d Roger and Rayleigh from one piss


Ok ppl are gonna hate me for this comment but, i never watch one piece

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i love you


oh my days I haven’t seem them in years and you are 100 percent correct, they finna have a pet shark like the cool hammerhead

to explain it to you, ruby roger and clark silvers are references to gol d roger and silvers rayleigh who are pirates in one piece, rayleigh was the first mate in rogers crew which is why clark the co captain of ruby roger

i dont think anyone would be upset with you for not having watched one piece, its so long and daunting that im sure most the community hasnt, though of course ao and arcane as a whole is one piece inspired so theres going to be overlap between op and ao fans


Oh. I haven’t seen One Piece either.
I thought I was the only one who hadn’t watched it.
(P. S. Phew… I feel better now about this.)

Welcome to the forums :clap:

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For reference, these are Gol D Roger and Silvers Rayleigh

This parallel is the main reason I’m so invested in Ruby Roger and his crew’s adventures. Roger was the greatest pirate to ever live, the first man to conquer the seas in 800 years. I hope Ruby has a similar tale

hope we see more of them

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Calling it he’s a fucking curse user by the end…or dead IDK.

based tintin reference but ngl i do not see it

I want these 2 to become important figures in the AO lore

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I hope they will too

Yeah, I genuinely thought that all forumer watch One Piece lol