Thermo Fist Armor?

Hey everybody! Quick question, do fighting styles have armor sets now? If so, what are the original stats for these Thermo boots? What is it boosting to try and help my Thermo fist?

yes they do

thermo’s stats are power and intensity, but different fighting style gears have their own stats as well

this makes thermo gear just garbage, thanks intensity. I would still hold onto good modified thermo gears you find though and pray balance team manages to buff thermo armor.

+Atk Spd, +Intensity, -Size.

the buff to thermo armour will be the intensity rework

this shit aint ever happening

So every fighting style has armor now? Even canon fist??

yeah, it works like arcanium


Lol… he doesnt know

If you’re not a fan of the stats, it’s also an option to give it to a deckhand to wear. Usually looks alright on them.