Thermo + Sand Imbue

Thermo + Sand Imbue
effort 4.0 1 quality 2.0 1 reasonability 2.0 4

Thermo and sand imbue should make glass magic, much like steam magic.

It makes sense logically and gameplay wise.

Plus any sand piles hit with hot magic should make glass hazards :3

(Ik it’s low effort don’t knock me for it)

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sand stuff hit with lightning already makes glass, plasma could be able to do it, but no other magic would be hot enough to melt the sand into glass, especially not thermo fist

when or if knocking fist is made though that could be able to do this

Yeah sure why not, also sand hit by lightning alr gets turned to glass.

i’m gonna say that this isn’t reasonable due to the needed energy for sand to turn into glass, as said by @sock

lightning works because it has a lot of energy which is released at once.
plasma works because, for it to exist it generally needs a lot of energy (often in the form of heat)
thermo fist won’t work because the heat needed to form glass can kill, dry and cook/incinerate a person within a minute, which isn’t something thermo fist should be/is able to do

just because you admit that its low effort doesnt mean you arent susceptible anymore to critics

please no

Why not my guy

uhhhh nah thermo not nearly hot enough to melt sand

if you want glass then use glass warlock :fr:

not every synergy should be “realistic” let us have fun

this one isn’t even realistic

doesn’t matter, it’s still just unfun

just play thermo glass at that point…

Whitebeard enters the chat


how is this about making glass

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