Thesandcrab is balding

Just thought you should know


how do you know this

Trust me bro

Welcome. We have countryhuman fans here so yeah.

WHo are you and proof?

you are the only countryhuman fan here



You are the only one who likes country shit. Please do us a favor and get a life :skull:

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you kinda need to chill i was just joking.

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then it was extremely poorly executed

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Hate doing this on mobile but I must.

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how’s the pilktending?

Whos thesandcrab?

Clearly, you not searched about the off topic elections yet :)))))


You’re literally the only countryhuman fan here

Hello Rb1 :fr:

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they’re not rb1

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“Joking” Like when you tried to get us to raid some random roblox game and told one of the mods that we were going to raid them?

I’m aware

shit tier joke

obtain a life then return here