They fr trying to stamp out new clans now

First they remove clan recruitment channel from vetcord.

Now this,

Like bruh man.

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  • vetcord clans forum wasnt moderated too well (people kept using the wrong tags). it was also somewhat kinda flawed as you needed level 10+ to post there, and the 30 sec general slowmode does not help in getting that. if we let anybody post there, it wouldve been worse. so it was better without one might say. also with clan discord being a thing, it didnt make sense to have clan stuff in the main server anymore, otherwise clan server has little purpose
  • we had like a stupid amount of clans trying to register in the official clan hub, so we had to increase the infamy and player requirement. otherwise, we wouldve hit max roles limit very very quickly. then we would have to kick clans, and make the requirement stupidly high! you wouldnt want to be legendary clan and have 150+ members to register, right? :sweat_smile:

we will probably change the requirement after infamy changes get released. this is just a bandaid fix for now. were also brainstorming ideas to allow smaller clans to advertise. as of right now, we just recommend hiring a bunch of randoms, or use global messages, to grow your clan (sorry). i wouldnt be surprised if some ao youtuber discords host clan ads due to this clan issue also, so maybe explore some of those

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So if the reason was that max roles would be reached why isn’t there an advertisement channel for lower clans without roles?

cuz people wouldnt check it (people flood to the best clans)

Better than nothing for the time being

honestly i guess its necessary or else there would be way too many clans flooding recruitment

fr fr. i really fucking hate it when theres a clan that copypastes their stupid ad in the recruitment channel every single hour

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Only the pvp guilds are being promoted now , all my allies which are mostly trading guild like mine are basically dying since people eitheir got sick of the game , find the server dead from the lack of members or other reasons .

Not only that but now unless you were one of the leaderboard or a huge pvp guild , you’re basically done for as it takes ages to find anyone in game that would join and that would be active .

My guild has like 30 people but only 3 of us were actually grinding infamy a bunch and now we’ve been stuck at around 65k infamy for a while because alot of us got busy with stuff or taking a break .

My server get like 3 lines of chat from time to time but it’s mostly inactive from the lack of people . Guild got over 30 members but not even a quarter of that are active .

As for in-game recruiting which is our only way to recruit now , It’s not viable at all . Everyone i ask are already in one or just leveling another slot .
When they are interested , they don’t plan on being active at all or are too busy to even grind .

I wanted to remove the inactive people but due to the change in requirements i pretty much stopped caring and just slap in even the inactive people even if they do absolutely nothing because it’s pretty much all i can get at this point .

I think a quick fix would’ve been adding some kind of ticket where you need to put the proof that you’re the leader of the guild so only the leaders can post in the first place (A couple of games did that and it solved the problems) .

Also could’ve raised the cooldown to 2-3 hours on top of that .

Instead of needing 100k infamy which unless you’re a pvp guild or have abosultely no life take weeks to reach .

not to mention the toxic spawnkillers who kill to reduce clan infamy and fame

I mean, what’s this really supposed to do, anyway?
Like… why can’t we just make a friendly clan?

because most clans are pvp clans. and even when they dont advertise as a pvp clan, you still need to pvp to boost your clan, unless you take the cheap route of afk farming

We do this already to add your clan
If we let any clan be added, we wouldve filled up ages ago already