They say if you can't beat em, join em. A meta build to take your anger out on this cruel world (of magic)

(have glass as your second magic)


(what’s your first magic tho)

magma =)

I see

to be fair that was such an obvious and slow moving attack, piercing shot at that very moment was bad timing

Can you repost that as a normal video, I’m on a school computer

Was that a 1/3 max health stun :skull:

how is this meta :sob:

the trigno build

Ye this is not meta at all

ye, it’s not bad it’s just not as good as it could be + is a ridiculous glass cannon approach while meta is high damage and good def

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anything with enough agility and attack speed can beat that build (unless you fight it on a small island or rough terrain)

use agates instead of attack size gems
same size, extra defense

not the same size, but probably worth

oh fr?
i never noticed
even so agates are overall more worth

all exotic gems got their substats nerfed, so yeah not the same. But you’re right, agates are the most efficient jewel other than painite and all exotic gems are more efficient than rare ones.