Things I found in the TGR (That I'd like to share)

Hey guys you might know me from my light magic/daggers post, but I’d like to talk about the surfaced topic of the Total Game Revamp (TGR for short) and some problems I’d like to talk about that I just HOPE World of Magic can avoid

First off, Islands. I remember in the old arcane games (AA and AR) that there were some very VERY blatant flaws about the islands that I’d like to list off

  1. Spacing: the islands themselves being the large things they are supposed to be, in AA and AR were cramped insanely. Not only did you only have room to move around and shop in, but you couldn’t interact with even 2 or 3 people let alone a guild or team. To fix this I recommend that there should be room for people to walk around in, like summer hold. Just let people be able to duke it out, or meet up if they need to.

  2. Lore: The lore of most sea games is mainly water/sea-based, so I would like for the game to mostly focus on A: The storyline, B: The magics, and then that would be more of an “Arcane Odyssey”.

  3. Activities: This is something that’s gotten to me for a bit, being that all that we really have to do is kill each other for infamy. (Those of you in the high ranking guilds will understand) There should be something to give us that sense of challenge, and a way to level up other than “Complete quests and get xp” Something like… a minigame of sorts. I know vetex will think of something if this gets high in the suggestions.

That’s all I got so far but I might continue this as the news continues. As of right now though, I hope that World of Magic is the same world we all come to know and love in the end. God bless, everybody.

it’s gonna be called Arcane Odyssey, but yes the islands should be of decent size, the spacing and all that.

Activities: Extensive side quests? Huge main storyline (as planned)? Maybe a bunch of little things you can see, do and encounter. (random boss spawns, random natural phenomenon where NPCs just spawn and then you can talk or somethin’ who knows)

not anymoreeeee

It’s called Arcane Odyssey so it’s gonna be a focus on adventures and gods, and no I kinda don’t want lore about magic

Sry, I’ll edit it.

Ok edited it so it’s better. Sorry the trello updated after I posted this.