Think the gameplay is becoming increasingly stale?

For 100% of players, the entirety of the WoM game loop is as follows:

  • grind; be it gear, skill, etc.

  • get reward for grinding

  • grind again

Unless you aren’t testing your skills in PvP (which does count as a grind), you’re either running around the entire map hunting NPCs, buying things, or fishing. This applies to the storyline as well.

Anyone bored yet? I certainly am.


If i’m being honest

you are right
the story update does save it a bit but it’s not enough

You forgot a few things:

  • Troll (w/ light or wind)
  • Start business tycoon w/ trading
  • Restart with no magic run
  • Restart with new magic
  • Invest in weird stats like cast speed
  • Start making friends
  • Give crowns to random strangers
  • Try to kill every random stranger you meet
  • Help noobs
  • Try to get struck by lightning
  • Ruin a competition (if you’re just evil)
  • etc.

Sure there’s more but I’m not gonna list them all. If you’re really bored do something else. Take a break. Go with all the other people back into hibernating. Come back next update idk.


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Every single one of those proposed options are literally grinding and will become stale for basically anybody within the first few hours.

I made this discussion not to beat up WoM, but to highlight the increasingly repetitive gameplay that it seems to involve. All you’re doing is running errands. If the next update doesn’t fix this and add more dynamic content (e.g. procedurally generated, explorable structures, I’m going to be sad :((((


I agree with you. Most people simp for vetex and fail to address the facts; this leads to further boredom because of lack of criticism. Good work

If you count “start making friends” as a grind I do not know how to help you


idk man
I think your comments are becoming increasingly stale


Perhaps “grind” was the wrong term. It isn’t really that hard to maintain about 6 or so closer friends, but if you start making it your life goal to make nothing but friends you’re gonna eventually burn out and that’s a promise.

@ThatAsianInTheCorner That’s stale.

WoM is a really well made, high quality game. It’s just that all that potential is wasted on repeated chores.


@ResExsention Touche.

we dont need people like you here. constant simping for the game despite its apparent flaws does nothing to help.

fair enough.

man’s got a point - almost the entire game is spent doing some form of
“Walk to a marker, kill NPCs (which usually don’t pose any real threat), walk to the next marker.”

Bosses are a step in the right direction but they’re exceedingly rare, especially since vetex left in the exploit where players can use an alt that’s halfway through the storyline to radar for bosses to farm.
Even disregarding the absurd proportion of the game spent walking, WoM’s going to need more varied encounters more often to keep itself interesting.

In general, grinding itself isn’t really bad or good, only when it feels repetitive or boring is when it becomes bad.

The game currently just doesn’t make any form of grinding fun at all, a big reason for it is the game being very incomplete.

Personally, I think its because the welfare of the game is placed on poor priorities by the community and Vetex.

what do you mean grinding for arbitrarily long items for literal weeks on end isn’t fun and enticing gameplay


since WoM’s world is kinda big as is, (and the maps not even done yet) i think bigger player cap would do it some justice. i very rarely see players out in the wild , so i think encountering more players will liven things up because it would increase pvp encounters. not to mention a higher chance of trades and chats as well.

Grinding for items, I completely understand and respect.

Having to grind to get between Point A and Point B, expending as much as 15 minutes, while encountering basically nothing but weak, predictable enemies and not a single bit of interesting terrain is certainly what WoM doesn’t want.

Literally. If growing numbers of people are getting bored then obviously this needs to be fixed.

Guilds and teams might make things slightly more interesting but we definitely need more to do. Dungeons would be a nice addition to this game although animal based npc’s couldn’t based off of any mythical creature since vetex already stated mythical creatures don’t exist in wom.

Making certain aspects of WoM feel like a roguelike would be quite cool, actually.

Having something fun, rewarding, and repeatable like dungeons or raids would add some replayability.

Definitely , I just hope dungeons are added for both reps at some point.