This Bot Will Judge Your Music Taste Based Off Spotify!

Have fun, and enjoy getting slammed dunked by a bot!


Cant judge me if I don’t have Spotify :sunglasses:


I just got my music taste fucking roasted by an A.I.
How did I get to this point

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Can you tell us your results?

What are those fancy text saying?

煌めく浜辺 by 大原ゆい子 is Kirameku hamabe by Yuiko Ōhara (Translates to Glittering beach)
Eclipsed by 妖精帝國 is Eclipsed by Yōsei Teikoku
シンシャ by 藤澤慶昌 is Shinsha by Yoshiaki Fujisawa (Translates to Cinnabar)
鏡面の波 is Kyōmen no nami by YURiKA (Translates to Waves in the Mirror)
空想メソロギヰ is Kūsō mesorogiwi by Yōsei Teikoku (I can’t find what this translates to)

Sorry for the slow reply this took a lot of double checking

It’s fine, these seem like cool people, I imagine them being a symth/vaporwave esc thing

But what if…

I use Groove Music?

it said " Your spotify was cling-clang-pots-and-pans-music-escape-room-You’re-wearing-the-Chromatica-Jockstrap-aren’t-you? bad." which is a good assessment I will say.

You listen to Myth & Roid too?


Myth & Roid gang lets go

I don’t trust that for shit

Big brain time.

All my bad results are mostly it just saying I listen to too much japanese music

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The bot says I don’t use spotify, he’s correct