This does put a smile on my face

Snare is hella hard to land though

it’s actually insanely easy, it’s just unreliable on high ping, and like most grabs it doesn’t work when your opponent is blocking, people often don’t realize their opponent blocked and think Snare bugged

Once I saw an altantean about to cast ult art blast and I used a weapon grab and passed through it and proceeded to get multi-blasted by the ult art. :sob: Was that altantean blocking?

nah bro was auto blocking

Mobs have random block/parry frames that extend when they’re hit

i can block while using surge :grin:

to me at least snare makes more sense as that get off me tool and surge used from midrange (where the goal against it is to close in or back off)
maybe balancing via a longer startup so it’s less used up close? just some thoughts

flamethrowers are cool

no, they’re hot