This fighting style is creative

sailor fighting style is cool, i like vetex creativity with fighting style in AO,The fighting styles have a lot of creativity and I look forward to trying them out,my favorite styles are thermos, sailor, Knocking and vampiris

PD:Too bad I can only carry 2 base / elemental magic because I wanted to be Sailor Moon

welcome back and yes salt gulping fighting style is cool i agree :nod:

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wow you remembered me it’s good to know someone remembers me

I originally thought to wear the style that used the legs but when I saw this and it reminded me of the drunken fist, I changed my mind,apart it would synergize with ice at high levels.

im planning on thermo fist or crane style but salt is definitely something i’ll choose on a different file

I will only take the sailor style because I want to have ice and Crystal,But something I wonder is if you can change your fighting style since it is something they teach you

Sailor fist gonna be like:
“So Bosco, you’ve come to fight me for Olive Marble?”
“Yeah, let’s do it Paul!”
“Alright let me just get a slurp of some seawater…”
“Nope. I’m out.”
“Listen Paul, every fight we’ve ever had, it turns as soon as you drink that stuff. I mean, last time we fought you punched me so hard, I turned into a stuffed fish fillet. And after months of therapy and losing my faith in myself, I realized…If you drink seawater, I am not gonna fight you.”
“Oh my god, Paul stop drinking that s***. I mean I can’t tell a word you’re saying anymore.”


aight bitch come here


I’ll give you the solution because you made me die laughing xD

Based off of this:

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@ansus Also thx

i’m young but i like popeye thanks to tooncast,popeyegod.

Wait how did you know how they work did vetex post a video or something I don’t know about. I know the Weapons video posted recently but was there any other video.

in a thing called trello vetex publishes his progress with AO, just search for arcane Odyssey trello and it should be the first result

yall missing something, we know whos the master of sailors fist…


No I’m just suprised you think it’s creative from just this info itself so I didn’t think much but yea this is pretty cool to visualize but what we imagine by reading trello and what we get is way different in some cases since the end product goes through testing and nerfs.

good if what we imagine varies between what we get but the scoop looks interesting like other fighting styles like the thermo,the only thing left is to wait for AO to come out

i wonder how his balls dont explode while chugging like 5 big bottles of coke

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