This has been stuck in my head all day

Suffer with me.

i know this really great therapist who’s a good friend of mine

why do you say that lol

you need to see a therapist

y tho

to help you with the suffering you’re going through

wot makes you think I’m suffering more than a normal person :3

that’s something someone who’s suffering would say

come on now let’s go meet the therapist

You can’t make meee

we’re going to the therapist.

N O !

mmmm myes… beautiful

i’ve already made an appointment and your options are LIMITED.
here are your current limited options

  1. go to the therapist
  2. be forced to the therapist

I’d like to see you T R Y !

there’s no need to try if it’s already decided

Y O U C A N ' T M A K E M E !

let’s go to the therapist please
i’m worried for you

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