This is amazing


nice, update in a few days
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oh god you gave us hope… (joke)
yeah the general going to be filled up with random people asking when the update out but besides for that POG we get to farm something get story then probably be sad till guilds

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Wwhy didnt you show the full post. Is this a scam buy???

its real its on the twitter|
heres some random thing he said in the replies
WAIIT HE SAID TEAMS HOLY SHIT TEAMS IN GUILD AHHAAH yeah ik it was probably going to be in guilds but idk could not happen

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yes thats where i got it

Ohhh nice. Can’t wait to beat up the exiled haha

why wouldn’t teams be part of the guild update lmao

kinda a no-brainer

yeah there was a older post about when teams but you know… i do dumb things and think yeah he MIGHT not

OH nice! Well, this update took way longer than expected.

Seems like I might fail with my September 12th estimate

Vetex delivering his gifts to us starving plebs once again

We get teams next update. . . thank god. :sleeper:

what is abilities?