This is my idea for an fruit that would reset magics ingame instead of making new files


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blud delivers rokas from jojo!!

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This jus the roka fruit aint it

ro ka pls :crying_cat_face:

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idk what a roka is but this gives durian vibes

these things

rokakakas (or locacacas these days) basically can heal any random wound or regenerate any given body part in exchange with something else you have, an example given in the story being, “. . . when [an] old man uses the Locacaca fruit to regrow his lost leg in exchange for his eyesight, both of his eyes transforming into stone and breaking apart soon thereafter.” (taken from a jojo wiki page [here] for context)

though jojo games simplified it to just removing your stand for game design/convenience reasons, since as far as i know in canon it doesn’t do that

local jojo fan tries to add roka to arcane odyssey (gets shit on)

Let’s add stands while we’re at it.

let’s make that a vitality mechanic fr

Juggernauts are just hamon users

It’s just the rokakaka from jojo

hamon users would be like sun magic warlocks

Jojolion was dope frfr

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summoner class

moment of silence for the people who didn’t get the reference :pensive: