This is why I don’t enter insanity 1



Atlantean brig to powerful :sob: and I can’t even fight normal fotified pirates without almost dying (if only I had a higher power magic)

Me when Insanity 1 doesn’t even spawn Unholy Beasts

Why does this man have only 1112 health in dark sea tho

either bro is running atlantean theurgist for some reason or bro is NOT in insanity 1

pretty sure ins 2 is only ~300, lol
this is 3 or 4

Brother, that is not ins1.
the max level for atlanteans there is nowhere near the 600’s.

wheat ily but can you not be a dumbass

skill issue, get canon fist

Forgot to specify this is a joke post lol

i hate insanity 1 range as well bro, these atlanteans ganking in groups now…