“This job is more than just beating bandits up.”

Ahmed Ketch was born in Ironport, he spent most of his life helping his parents with their work, in the port. But that’s all boring so let’s skip ahead.

(Open Test I)
At the age of 17, Ahmed discovered that he could use the power of Fire. He was happy to discover his magic, but that would change.

(Open Test 2)
Ahmed began to help civilians of Ironport more and more, form finding their valuables, to soon start training his magic. And then he began to fight bandits. Ahmed was still very weak, sometimes he would return to Ironport badly bruised. His parents were worried that he was taking this too seriously.

(Open Test 3)
Ahmed has began to move around the area now, going to Silent Tower, Riverville, and sometimes Summer Hold. In Ironport, some bandits and dark wizards had raided the town, killing many innocents including Ahmed’s parents. When he had heard this news, he didn’t take it lightly. The Fire User immediately returned to Ironport and attacked the large group of bandits and dark wizard. The odds were stacked against him but Ahmed wanted revenge. Through a long fight, Ahmed finally beat the evil group. He felt his legs trembling, his arm was bleeding, soon after, he passed out.

(Open Test 4)
Ahmed Ketch woke up in a stone room. He legs and arms were full of slight pain. He looked outside of the window, he was inside Silent Tower. Magic Council soldiers had found him on the floor, battered and bruised. If he wasn’t found, he would have died. Ahmed continued his ways, he left Ironport more and more. He had spent most of his time with Yumiko Clay in Summer Hold, a friend he made from Bell Village. His mental health plummeted, he couldn’t save anyone in Ironport because he abandoned the town, he could of saved his parents.

(Storyline Update)
Ahmed Ketch had learned from his mistakes by now, he had grown stronger, learnt new spells, arrested many more bandits and dark wizards. Even defeated the Minotaur. But Ahmed doesn’t forget what he stands for. He now protects the people the most he can.


Does Yumiko Clay use Moon-Light magic?

anyways, very nice!

Yumiko uses lightning since he is my actual friend and he is a My Hero Academia fan

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Wizards:wait,you have parents?

Man, my character’s story kinda sounds bad now. ;-;