This magic is underrated?

Water magic… I use water magic and is a mage main but uh I barely see any people use water and the people I see is either a conj or mage I seen crazy stuff like water sailor from magmurr but cmon why isnt water op its stats are rly good and I myself might go water paladin in the near future once spirit weapons so try water magic and see how it is :slight_smile:

Wet magic

water magic is alright, but it’s just kind of basic
would you rather make all your attacks wet, or would you rather imbue your attacks with the power of molten lava?

This magic is- [gunshots]

Water Magic is my favorite, and I really don’t know why. I’ve had it on my Mage since WoM.

Yes, i play Water Sailor, how did you know?

Honestly? Water is great as support for other stuff, since it can set up some good status effects. Steamlocks and Ice mages, namely. But besides that, it’s not very useful on its own imo.

And honestly, even with those synergies… Well, Steamlocks that have Water as their magic rely on Thermo Fist, which balancecord hates with a passion, for reasons beyond mortal comprehension. And Ice mages have the much better options of Wind or Snow to trigger its status effect.

Sooo… Dunno, just feels like Water gets phased out really easily.

i plan to use water magic on all 3 of my mages once we get second awakening

no way he called water sailor crazy

Because Water fucking sucks, actually.

Aside from Water Magic being, both in its form and function, very basic and unassuming, the fact that it doesn’t have nearly as many options for good synergies as other magics do means that it has very little going for it at the moment.

It’s not the most interesting in terms of what it can be paired with; Your choices are essentially either Lightning or Ice, and no one picks Snow. Ironically, you’re probably better off picking one of those three and running a Warlock with Sailor Fist instead. At least then you’d actually get something out of that Soaked effect. But that’s not actually using Water Magic. If you actually pick Water magic, you get to cycle between that and another magic manually as a Mage, or if you make the ungodly mistake of becoming a Water Conjurer, the absolute best synergy you’re getting out of that is the +5% bonus from Bleed. That’s it. There are no weapons or fighting styles that let Water pump out Frozen procs the way the heat magics do with Petrified. Ice and Lightning might be able to enjoy such a luxury, but Water gets… I dunno, Steamlock, I guess? :confused:

It’s also not particularly interesting on its own; it makes up for not having an innate DoT with its .925 damage affinity, and while it does also boast a 1.2x size affinity, so does Magma. Ash and Explosion both outsize it at 1.25 and 1.3 respectively, and they’re both able to get more out of it simply by virtue of having much better synergies; anything that lets them proc petrify, or even just gain a damage bonus of more than fucking 5%.

This could all just be me downplaying the hell out of it because of how much I fucking HATE Water Conjurer, but god. This magic frustrates the shit out of me. I look at my Water file and feel nothing. The only thing preventing me from switching to something else is the fact that I don’t have another 50 hours to sink into this game just to get back to where I already am.

me reading this as a fellow water conjurer

(started as a berserker but stat reset to conjurer and am now suffering until a magic change function gets introduced)

Honestly, Water Magic is average by itself; It’s speed is workable, its damage is servicable, and its size is pretty good in an Attack Size-based meta. I don’t think it needs much of a buff, other than letting Lightning Magic reliably electrify the puddles with spells rather than its M1.

water is one of the most used your just unlucky

Funny thing is

Damage 0.925 → 0.9


I like it tho, 2.5% less damage won’t hurt

god dammit

Water magic looks really cool actually.