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I decide to make this in my free time in a middle of night cuz I’m bored
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“My name is King Calvus IV, and I approve this message.”

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i cant believe you cropped out the watermark

waiting for someone to buy this domain and do smth with it

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who the hell are the 17 people who clicked that link :sob:

ong i’d be a frequent visitor if someone actually turned this into an AO meme site

I find out it can be pretty pricey for me, maybe one day someone could do something with the website

Keraxians have a higher crime rate. what does this mean? :thinking:

Never lose your sword

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who the sigma are the 29 people who clicked on that link :sob:

In the annals of Ravenna’s history, the nation faced its greatest downfall at the hands of Morock, a lone sorcerer wielding powerful white fire magic. This rare and ancient magic incinerated everything it touched, rendering Ravenna’s defenses and military might useless.

Morock systematically dismantled Ravenna’s infrastructure, destroying key military outposts and severing communication lines. His final assault on the capital reduced it to smoldering ruins, annihilating centuries of culture and heritage in mere hours.

The once-mighty nation of Ravenna was left in ashes, its spirit shattered. Morock’s devastating use of white fire magic served as a stark reminder that even the strongest of nations could fall to the overwhelming power of a single, extraordinary individual.