"Thomas, that King's a monster, he'll destroy you!"

He did not win.


Should’ve parried

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He’s only Lvl 109, he didn’t have time to learn :pensive:

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RIP to Thomas. He had heart … but not anymore. (nice perspective)

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is he turning to shadow?

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Nah i’d win

I’m sorry for looking at ur eyes without permission

i will kill myself


Calvus was so offended, he pointed his airstrike spell sideways just to wipe this mf’s torso and up and nothing else away

This is actually an accurate scenario of my first fight with King Calvus, thought it’d be pretty easy because I first try’d Lady Carina, but little did I know…

Full sentence

Not the gojo reference :sob:

He did, in fact, not win.

This is getting me to make a Gojo file that mimics his abilities (not copies)
Warm Variant Wind, Gravity, and some powerful ancient uhh Equinox?

I already have a (not maxed out but over level 100) wind mage ready to become Sukuna