Thorin's refuge is kinda weird

So we know about that tiny island to the southwest of Frostmill. It’s called Thorin’s refuge, after the name of the shipwright found there, Thorin.
Thorin lets us know that he was once a pirate captain with a bounty, but that he has since then become inactive. At first, it makes sense he went to the island that we now call Thorin’s refuge.
However, what doesn’t make sense is the fact that the Navy hasn’t come after him yet. Thorin’s refuge is pretty close to Silverhold, and Thorin is absolutely alone. It wouldn’t take much effort to capture him.
Now, you may say, “But maybe it’s just us who call the island Thorin’s refuge because we found Thorin there. Maybe it has a different name, or none at all.”. But if that is so, then how come treasure charts refer to it as “Thorin’s refuge”?
Yes, it may have been only pirates who wrote them, but there are hundreds of these charts. Surely, sooner or later, one with the name “Thorin’s refuge” would fall into the hands of a high-ranking navy officer, or a responsible marine.
So yeah, some things just aren’t adding up. There aren’t many people named Thorin out there, and if there is an island suggesting one such person at one point found shelter there, and may still be there, it would surely spark an investigation.

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There was likely another figure of the past named Thorin who had gained much fame and was laid there to rest (no proof but it makes more sense that the navy would not check it)

Or maybe he laid low so long that he pays off the navy

treasure charts not canon

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Thorin pay’s his taxes

this is likely the correct solution

treasure charts, among many other things, are not entirely canon. While the MC may have done a few, the smaller islands would probably be called “That one sandy island north of those abandoned mines” or some shit like that while actually locations like Ravenna would actually have their names written on the map. The fact they are named in the charts is so lil timmy doesnt get confused trying to figure wtf “that one sandy island north of that kinda pine wood island thats north of that one jungle” is.

While I wouldn’t be surprised if some islands were very literally named, Thorin’s Refuge and Dawn Island come to mind as small wilderness islands likely named by the mc, followed by the little islands in the northern half the bronze sea.

so like maybe the charts are saying that random nonsense and the MC just translates it to thorins refuge or dawn island for us

That stuff is quite reasonable, but then issues with another pirate pops up. I’m talking about Caria.
She explains that she was a pirate until her ship got wrecked. According to her, she survived by drinking seawater, accidentally discovering sailor style, until she eventually beached at Shell island.
First thing, I think she said it took months to get there, but even so, there must’ve still been some bounty posters. It’s quite odd that absolutely no one recognized an infamous pirate.
Second thing, even if she went unnoticed by the villagers, there is camp Gladius, a Ravenna outpost. There are trained soldiers there who, as we know from the incident with Ruby Roger, are authorized to arrest criminals.
Third thing, we know that Grand navy soldiers can use sailor style. Though I suppose it is possible that at one point, some marine accidentally found that out, word should’ve gone around when people started learning a new fighting style at Shell island.
After that, it isn’t even a matter of investigation, some captain or vice-captain may just come to get stronger when, lo and behold, an infamous pirate captain that went missing.
We have a lot more such cases as well, like with smugglers, criminals and places.

i am pretty sure the villagers are just chill with caria since she doesn’t terrorize them had her ship lost to the sea, second point, her hair must be longer than on her bounty poster or she hid when they were around until her hair grew. It could also be possible that the ravvena gaurds were not stationed yet when they got there and the fact her hair was longer and that she fights and looks different that the caria on the bounty poster and assumed she lived there. For the Third thing, don’t understand exactly but either some other marine discovered it and taught other marines or caria taught someone and they taught someone else and the cycle goes on. and same thing as my reasoning for the second applies to higher up officers (or were taught by lower people).

Also for the second thing perhaps since caria wasn’t terrorizing anyone they let her go or as with the ruby roger incedent she was presumed dead as I’m sure news of a pirate ship being wrecked gets out and being presumed dead her bounty poster was removed therefore no reason to arrest like how ruby roger got released as he said he was a pirate but no poster.


You overestimate the competency of the Navy. If they can straight up ignore that assassin base sitting right east of them then they can ignore this one too.

Besides what’s the point in capturing him, seems like a waste of time.

I doubt thats because of incompetence, unless you count corruption as incompetence, as which point yes, incompetence to the highest degree. The Syndicate and Navy are for sure working together, even the most incompetent group of police wouldnt ignore a large criminal base near them, but a very corrupt group would.

Its almost certain the Navy is corrupt and always looking for profit

Raiding a small ex-pirate’s island doesn’t seem profitable

I mean, it takes at most a fortified caravel worth of men to go out and confiscate everything bro owns. He has the supply to repair ships and charges people for repairs, so he clearly has some galleons. Theres not much to lose and while there arent many gains, there are still some.

they go there to hire him to repair ships and he gets cleared as well payed

The lower in the ladder of the marines the more likely they are to be good (players and ideally in the real world)

like garp from one piece i guess. so if some marine went and raided white summit successfully and then calls for backup the navy will likely rank them up or be forced to take them down (white summit)

they are not making it out, merlot will chase and kill anyone major or below and any rank higher is probably corrupt anyways

its not likely but like somehow some really strong person joined the navy and did it as well as survived (maybe they had found a curse)

then they wouldve probably been instantly ranked up to one of the corrupt ranks or literally destroyed blackwater grotto while they were there

hey it gets the job done. I’m sure there is one high ranking official with a good sense of what it means to be good. the leader of the navy is likely an assassin of high rank (if not one of the three leaders) and directly under him is also high ranking AS members