Thought experiment: Living ships

Probably will never happen since vetex is bad at making animals.
What if you could just steal an egg for a white eyes and just build on it and make it as your ship.
You could also have it be whales or other animals and they could have an affinity for the magic of their owner. They would be able to create giant waves and shoot blast from their owner’s magic instead of cannonballs. They would also start about as strong as a dingy and grow to be bigger and let you build more on them.
This definitely will not happen.

Me and the boys riding a shark and running over Kitty Cushion because he refuses to use a boat

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Depends on the species

truly would be epic. maybe they can be added as just better row boats

sharks actually do lay eggs,
just not in the stupid conventional sense of gacha games and chicken eggs

however, this wouldn’t really make sense or work
why would animals be able to spit out someone else’s magic?
why would powerful animals like that obey humans to begin with?

lets take white-eyes for example
they’re just big magic radiation mutated sharks
sharks are still sharks, they won’t give a fuck about you, they’re just predators

well the radiation is magic so the sea life could possibly use magic

ark survival but its magic

flying ships?

you’d have to infuse it with magic