Thoughts on 1.16 balance doc?

I see. Then the nerf isnt even that bad, if aoe remains the same

Yeah it wasn’t explained very well on the document

oh. thank you for the clarification. I had no idea that even existed.

doesn’t your defense still get factored into out of battle regen

ya, to the point where at worse u need a minimum of 1, u can make good builds without sunken, i just have a feeling u guys suck at build making

almost like the tournaments have subsat limits

i assume the 0.something is stat increase per level?


maybe the game will finally be balanced

There are always things to be discovered.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some lesser used build such as fire thermo (which is already extremely broken) ends up being a surprise meta

man, thats good thinking, I think we should nerf thermofist

i mean personally i would nerf damage synergies on spirit imbues, eagle patrimony imbues get me like 40ish extra damage on cfist thanks to the synergy

Chances are if PvPheads are telling me that the only reason they still have high Defense during the Armor Piercing meta is because they want Sunken to maximise their total EP and legit don’t even care for the Defense then Sunken is just good.

give use 7 more health at lvl 1 so health ends up at a round numbder :pleading_face:

why would anyone want more defense? most pvpheads run around 1.7K hp that u can already get, so most people that use sunken only use it for atk speed, and even then u can easily make a viable build with 1 sunken or none, my main pvp build haves 1 sunken and i already deal a lot of dmg, have 645 defense and 390 atk speed

So paladin resistance aura (with imbue) just broke

Probably something in the code that makes it so that when you aren’t at full health you don’t get the hp boost from resistance aura


then youd start at 107 health at level 1

but 170 at lvl 10, 240 at lvl 20, 800 at lvl 100, 1080 at lvl 140