Thoughts on Explosion?

title says it all
how’s explosion? for pvp, npc fighting, in general
i heard it’s got op destruction stats but what about the rest?

It’s somewhat decent and has some nice syinergies.

Its actually not all that bad.
It has a higher impact damage than most heat based magics, a status effect that’s basically the heat equivalent of freezing, it travels a bit slower than plasma and fire, and of course…
It destroys everything.

Explosion has 0.9x damage
But it has great clash rates

I said higher impact damage than most heat based magics.
Plasma sitting over here at 0.775 and fire sitting over here with 0.825.

ok yes but dot is better than impact damage

DoT can be easily be removed by… alot of magics.

Ah yes, if u have specifically water magic then u can get rid of fire effect.
It honestly doesint matter dude.
Poison magic cant be removed cause its a AOE version of DOT
goodluck escaping them once the fight really starts.

Actually poison clouds are removed by magma and wind, and they’re reversed by fire and plasma.
Poison’s DoT is removed by wind.

If you’re using fire or plasma, poison clouds are actually something your opponent doesn’t want to generate because they’ll just help you.

also can’t forget about wind, snow, ink, water, and ice which are all magics that delete heat based DoT.
also can’t forget about weather which also kills heat based DoT

Gonna be honest, if impact damage didn’t matter all that much, gold wouldn’t be a top tier magic right now.

Explosion in a nutshell:
Looks: 10/10
actually using it: 5/10
you see explosion is kinda ehhh magic though if its with ash its like 8/10

The only reason I want it to stay is to have Napalm as a lost magic.

fuck you, i still want napalm

you do know how lost magic works right?

I still want napalm as a lost magic and you can’t stop me
also yes I know that’s how they work
got mixed up with mutations