Thoughts on negative synergies

So uh, I just spent 2 hours writing a thesis on this topic while dark sea fishing in the background. Multitasking got me nowhere as the thesis sucks in quality so I scrapped it and tried to salvage some parts of it but quickly lost interest in doing so.

In short, negative synergies is limiting build diversity ( Not true you’re just disincentived to go fire+water or something like that). Take for example, Light + Shadow. Blinding sucks ye but if I were to run light I shouldn’t be discouraged to choose shadow as my second magic. Probably Equinox will have something to do with their interaction but rn it shouldn’t be just damage reduction, instead maybe like increase the potency of the blinding/color disorientating + damage reduction ( people who’ve ever been to the cinema can relate to this). If someone’s burning and I hit him with an ice cube the size of his body he should get heat shock.

That’s all for now, I’ll elaborate on this further since my morale crumbled like a 2-storey tall jenga blocks stading on a comedically small glass piece in an angry bird game.

you won’t get negative synergy from your own magic. Basically, you can run fire water mage and get no damage reduction.

Right mb I never consider that since I just presume it on general concept alone. But overall negative synergies should still have something else accompanying it/interactions between your own magics. It’s sucks for group combat that have magics contradicting eachother and lame if wind+fire from your attacks have no interactions with eachother.

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