Thoughts on Post-Update Warrior?

I still enjoy it. We got sparrow thrust and skull crusher and the new Maria pistols. Sparroa thrust is funni but skull crusher is really hard to land for me. Also the pistols are cool.

Warrior is still a very balanced class to me rn.

despite everyone thinking it was going to get shafted because of the lack of warrior specific armor turns out warrior is a really powerful build right now. Well some of us lost our sunken weapons and rare boss/atlantean drops, but besides that, it is REALLY powerful.

Triasta is such a powerhouse, its sparrow thrust is going to get nerfed. Nuclear bomb aoe, i deal 290 dmg with it and it has a 3s cd

Atlantean mace is also really good, in a way it sort of makes the rapier a tid bit trivial because of the huge damage difference. I deal nearly 400 damage using it with the raging impact. just that the start up is slow and its grab is a bit weird but the start up is to be expected considering the nature of the weapon.

Thalassi is so mid, but plunderers is actually pretty good. The first time i got this, i was thinking to myself why i would pick this over musket because they both have the same type of move, different name. Just that the musket deals more damage with piercing shot. The thing is though, you can pair plunderers alongside musket so you effectively have two piercing shots (the other dealing less damage) and their cd is not shared. The multi shot is hard to land but i found its use for it on surge people.

The Atlantean cutlass with dense is pretty fucking fat when you use its whirlwind. Actually it pretty much makes the rapier useless. Whirlwind has pretty fast start up for great damage with an extra move.

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Iā€™m not gonna sugarcoat it:
Q + R

Sparrow thrust is considerably more powerful than an actual sparrow