Thoughts on Stat Builds

The only special things pure builds will get are the strongest of findable spells/techniques/weapons in the endgame

I agree with the less energy spending cost, but that’s about it.

Pure builds right now aren’t very special. Second magic/FS is obtainable using Savant, and third magic’s damage would be pitiful. Lost Spells/magics would be usable by any hybrid. It’s much better to use a hybrid with more options and more content than to go pure.

Warriors are a different story with their Artisian Weapons and Unique Awakening (>:C)

Mages got shapes, you don’t know the difference drill shape makes.

Warrior got triasta which is not easy to parry/dodge as everyone says. They got vindicator which is easy to parry/dodge. They got ravenna gs.

Berserker got two shots and two focus which is kind of meh but it is still special.

dog vindi is not easy to dodge the fuck you smoking
do you not know how much AOE that thing has

I want what hes smoking dude, if he can ignore the fact that it has the AOE of explosion while having the damage of metal, that’s gotta be some strong stuff.

But it is slow and clearly telegraphed. Even if you cant dodge you can easily parry. Unlike triasta which activates in a instant and the dmg comes before the attack animation.

Thats the problem, even if you do parry they can just easily press E and do devistate, still dealing tons of damage or folow up with a attack

Plus, clashbox makes it so any projectile cant penitrate thru it

The endlag is long enough for a mage to do a blast then dash. Or for a fs user to use smash and if they do devastate the fs user can grab. But triasta doesnt have that endlag which makes it way better. Thats what makes triasta op.

idk about you but that’s pretty big.

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Crushing Judgement is anything but slow

I dont know what you consider slow but you can easily see the startup and the endlag is long enough to land a blast or shot. But triasta is faster in every way.

this is almost exactly why i play pure builds

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