Thoughts on Stat Builds

We were talking in the Trusted Lads chat about… something when I felt the need to write an entire breakdown on the purpose of the stat builds are. Here it is.

MAGE: Long range. You’re supposed to be worse at close range, but Self-Explosion is really funny.

BERSERKER: Close range. You’re supposed to kick ass when you get close, but… you just… kind of don’t? You’re using shot as your main source of damage if you’re like me.

WARRIOR: All-around. You have a variety of long-medium range moves and plenty of close range moves, too. You could lean towards one or the other, but at that point, why not use Mage or Berserker?

WARLOCK: You have neither weaknesses of Mage or Berserker. Go nuts. This is like Warrior, but without the brainpower needed to switch to a different weapon for a specific situation in a split second. Unless you’re using Fighting Styles more than Magic though, since you can’t imbue your magics with fighting styles. Yeah, this is actually what I’ll end up doing, probably.

WARLORD/CONJURER: Dude. What are you doing? If you’re Conjurer, half of your weapon’s moves are ranged, and are either worse or plain better than Blast. Warlord, you don’t even USE your fighting styles, do you?

SAVANT: jesus christ. i can’t tell whether to respect you for somehow having the mental capacity to deal with all three of those at once, or if i should ridicule you for probably not using 3/5s of your moves. get out of my sight.

Fuck you. Fuck your damage reduction. Fuck your health regen. Health regen is the worst part of AO’s PVP behind half of the magics just not working on 80% of the entire damn map, and it entirely benefits off of underwater bullshitting, too. Your extra health thing going on should be enough to make you viable.

So anyway, what are your thoughts on the stat builds? Do you forgive the future Vitality mains? I don’t. How do you use Conjurer? Do you try to make use of your magic, or do you use it for the weapons most of the time? Please tell me. Weapons are super hard for me to use for no reason.



me when explosions = abnormally hih endlag

the 4x shockwave smash in question:

the absurd aoe is warriors specialty

but you have the buffs of them both.
mobility, and unfair damage

warrior but you can gimmick and stun people
also happens to be the most fun builds out there

required: beams, old weapons, smash

then we ball :sunglasses:
aim trainer build


im just excited to see how spirit weapons work, im starting to feel like their damage is reduced for a reason

me when i miss crash at a near target and i go flying

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heres a bit of conj and warlock pvp

As someone who actually quite enjoys Warlord and Conjurer, i can say while alot of people ignore their magic and fighting style entirely once they have awakening, i make an effort to keep using them.

Drill shape pretty much defines mage. Self-explosion can’t outdps smash. Blast is just as good at close range though.

Smash is alot mot dangerous at close range than self explosion.

Warrior have a different skillset?

Ofc you would use fs more than magic. And you can imbue magic in fs.

Blasts don’t have unshealth time but weapons got more dmg and clash.

Depending on fs, crash for extra mobility and smash for more close range dmg. Rush actually stun unlike other grabs. Shot is also good for a ranged move.

I’m more surprised that these hybrid build guys are getting two options of combat yet are DELIBERATELY choosing to only use one method of fighting.

Like damn bitch tf you became a hybrid for? Just the imbuement?

every time i build up the courage to use shockwave smash in my opponent’s face, misses.

im currently the world record holder for fastest forget technique for shockwave smash

Just remember that smash “cast” time is not only instant, but virtually spammable as well.

So literally just test the hitbox of smash on some npcs, and then after testing a few or more times, the moment your opponent gets that close, remember you are basically at a constant advantage of being able to get a very easy and very clean 200+ damage on them

“Warlord, you don’t even USE your fighting styles, do you?”

I do :frowning:

crash or rushdown —> shockwave is the way to go

also its an endlag punisher

I disagree with almost all of this.

the SINGULAR mage file i have doesent use a shape for their blast or explosion at all, default reigns supreme

this hurts as my only file is savant.

for mental capacity, you don’t have any depending on your spread because sometimes you only have blast second magic or only smash for FS

Then you might as well use any magic hybrid and then only use your magic. What mage have that is special is still shapes.

Hear me out:
None of the pure builds are special in any way.
Anything they can do currently will be doable by hybrid builds aswell, just not to the same extreme.

There are specials thing only pure build can do. One of them is that all pure builds have a lower energy cost. And in 10 years when more stats are added and hybrids have access to more skills, pure builds will also get skills/tools that only pure builds can use. But as of now pure builds are special.

Honestly vitality should be removed. Probably a hot take though (Pls dont burn me on a stake)