Tigerbaby123414 has come


You might have to scroll in to really see it

Oh god Joshiba what is this.

@Joshiba explain this.

he’s too cool for SunCry so he joined the Maids

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wait what the fuck
wait what
what the fuck

hooly shit tightbaby123414 :screamingDK:

didnt he leave the arcane maids when i killed him 5 times

He does that
He’d most likely leave the guild and rejoin

he is here

is this recent

he gives me items while i do gamenights with my friends, ride solo, and pursue my hobby of game dev
all i have to do is let him fuck around in a dead guild for a game i literally could not care less about
seems obvious to me

Such a sexy trade off

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Wait, please don’t tell me hes in your discord server watching the riding solo videos…
please say no
I can’t let him
go into that horror

Isn’t he like 11? He can’t even use discord if he wanted to

hes 12 now, but he needs to be 16 to use it :skull:

16? Isn’t discords ToS 13 orrrrrrrrrrr


Bruh discord really pulling a sneaky on half the world :skull:

Poor Europe
Luckily UK isn’t on that