Time Rifts - Darksea Boss Fights

Time Rifts - Darksea Boss Fights
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we can only hope

It would be so awesome

yeah that covers the reasons why I think its a good addition. Though another reason is to get fights from AA since that game is broken. Or even better remakes of them since obviously the AA fights were somewhat lackluster since half of them just stood in one place.

Theos fight be like:

Yeah Theos stays up in the air for basically all his fight right?

I think there’s like one move where he went down but idk

This suggestion doesn’t seem to be closed, also the WoM bosses needed to be buffed cuz the player in AO has crazy mobility


Its because people have been talking here.

Suggestions only close 24h after the last post. So the suggestion stays “alive” (meaning people can vote on it) as long as people keep talking.

Though honestly at this length, I think I might have a record for the longest suggestion thread.

This still going? Gonna be going for more time now I guess.

This suggestion would not end today

Just commenting to make sure it stays alive

Seeing KDS Exiled And Mino again would be fucking awesome

KDS in AO’s art style sounds epic

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Actually all bosses do. I can imagine a minotaur reskin fight in the next sea, much like Argos to the Exile here.

What could you even give them?

Would love to fight AA and WoM bosses in game

Don’t stop cooking :fire: :fire:

Ive always wanted to see what an AA boss fight would look like in person

What about roaming ships?

We already technically have those. Though one could argue giving them unique boss npcs should be a thing. I guess that could also be on the block for an update, since most fights against ships are decently easy.