Time's Passion discontinued on Forums. Replacing with a more wholesome series

Times passion is too horrid for the forums. Replacing it with this new story I thought up

So… Imagine if our AA character… Was in WoM.

Im gonna use my AR character just because.

And the plot is gonna be him… Going on a mass genocide through magius and stuff. Anyways ima do this… Idrk when but… Yeahh


PK is already in wom :face_with_raised_eyebrow:, he’s a high ranking government official (basically a member of the grand magic council or smth)

nvm this makes sense since he’s a government official

I mean if PK was put in WOM when he got his third magic. I’ll write it out when I do.

i have no idea what you get of these borderling nsfw plots but whatever.

Borderline NSFW? This is literally just my AR character one shotting every boss in wom

yeah my mistake, thought it was part of those smut-shots you have written :fr: