Time's Passion. Prologue (Part 1.)

“They say that if you keep your head up. And look at the bright side, Things would get better eventually.” Lucis said to himself.

“But nothings happened so far. Everything feels boring. I hope today’s different but I’ll probably sleep through it again…”

“I need to brighten up. I can’t be having these thoughts this early in the morning…”

Lucis makes a cup of tea and looks at the sun rising above the houses covered in it’s atmosphere. It’s warm embracement shining into Reficuls room.

Time passes by and Lucis decides to go for a walk to cool his mind.

“Half the day’s gone by and i’ve done nothing interesting… Well. At least I came here today…”

All of a sudden. A womans voice spoke.


It was a blonde woman with yellow eyes. She was in a dress and her hair was beautifully done.

Lucis looks up to behold the figure that the sun was shining upon.

“Oh… Erm… Was I blocking your view?” Said Lucis out of embarrassment.

“Oh N-No… I-I just wanted to say… Hi.”

“Eh- Uh sorry… Um… Hello. My names Lucis. What’s yours?”

“It’s Lucia… I usually don’t walk around here so I’m a bit lost. So I’m just coming back”

“Where were you planning on going?”

“Well there was a river I saw around here. I planned on feeding the birds and watching the fishes.”

“Oh. I think I know what you’re talking about. Here come with me.”

Lucis got out of his bench and held out his hand.

“W-w-wait… You want me to hold your hand on the way?”

“Heh. Don’t worry you don’t have to”

Lucia began to blush. And reluctantly let out her hand as well.


As they were walking Lucia tried to strike up a conversation.

“So… You got any hobbies?”

“I take walks, I’ve also been saving up for a penthouse”

“Penthouses are nice. Though I’ve had more of a preference to manors more than anything.”

“Oh so you’re the royalty type of person?”

“I guess you can say that”

“Oh, we’re already here.”

They continue talking with eachother, Lucis cracking jokes every once and a while, Lucia complimenting him every now and then, It felt like they were on a date.

Time went by and the evening came.

“Ah… Well I should probably be getting home. Thanks for showing me how to get here lucis.”

“My pleasure. I’ll be heading home too.”

“Hm… Should we call this time a date?”

Lucis cheeks went red. He shut his eyes and grinned.




clearly he’s about to get scammed

Spoilers: He gets worse