Timore (Time's Passion) [Late True Valentines Day Gift]

Notice for who's talking

Timore Speaks in italics. Tsuryu Speaks in bold

Hey timore.


It was the evening. Timore had asked tsuryu if she’d like to go on a walk with him.

I just want to say… Thank you for letting me come with you here.

O-Oh! Well. The pleasure is mine. It was nice walking with you. Err, You going home?

Actually. I was wondering if I could come to your place.

It’s a bit empty but if you’d like to sure.

Timore’s house was a penthouse who had a previous owner who went missing. All that’s left was an empty bottle of near 20 year old bleach.
Other than that. Timore’s house consisted of a bed, A flat screen tv, a desk with a computer, and a few consoles.

It’s simple. I like it.

Thanks. Would you like some cup noodles? I have spicy miso flavor, Pork Flavor, Or if you can handle it I have fire flavour.

Eh… Spicy Miso.

1 hour later

Well im going to bed. You stayin up?

No thanks. Where do I sleep?

Do you have an extr-

No covers no sheets no water bed. We’ll either have to share or you’ll have to sleep on the floor


Not long after. They were in bed.



I want to cuddle with you.

Oh… Uh okay…

Timore. I noticed something lately.


You’ve been looking more sad lately. Is something going on?

It’s fine. I just haven’t been feeling well lately.


I’d rather not talk about it.

It’s fine. Im the only one here right now. Nobody can judge you for it. Just let it all out.

Well. I’ve been having memories about my father. I don’t want to talk about how I was born often… I just think of myself as a mistake. I wasn’t wanted from the beginning. And i’ve just been feeling. Does me being alive really matter?

Well. If you think about it. Nothing really matters here. You. Me. Your parents and Mine. It all never really mattered at all. Life doesn’t have a purpose. You just live it.

That… Actually… That actually made me feel better.

Besides. If your life doesn’t matter to them. Then it definitely matters to me. Your one of the only people i’ve ever liked for their personality. You may not believe it but you’re pretty amazing.

…Thanks… I needed that.

They looked at eachother in the eyes for a bit. And then…

Timore wakes up… He’s not wearing his shirt unlike yesterday.

My back… What happened yesterday…

Timore turned to look at She was only wearing a shirt. A big one as well.

Oh you’re awake…


Im gonna go make some tea. Do we have any ice?

Pretty sure the ice machines still working yeah.

Alright… By the way timore. You really are amazing.

Timore looked outside over the entire city.

Well then. Classes start soon. So im gonna need to get going… Im pretty sure she noticed too…

I feel like time’s been changing for the better recently. Like it has a passion…

A time’s passion…


I mean… romantic but… kinda nsfw at the end don’tcha think

Which is why unfortunatly this is the last one I can post on forums. I will post sneak peaks but that’s it. This shit gets way too gorey and sexual

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