Tips for fighting people in groups?

What’re some tips for fighting against multiple people? (Due to the current arise of guild members infamy farming in numbers)

realistically the most you can do is either even the numbers or rush one person and hope you can get the health bonus after killing someone and keep doing that

funnily enough this was a bit easier before teams since you can stick to one person and the group couldn’t abuse their higher dps without damaging eachother lol

low endlag moves are the best chance you have, so blasts, spins, daggers, rising tide, etc.

Would my setup work? (Shadow magic)
+77 power and 249 defense
Swift Sunken Sword
Strong Old Sword
Strong alalean dual daggers
(Lvl 90)

what r ur items? i only have 74 power and about 100 defense

These are my items
(Sorry for late reply)

What’re better places to bring them to though? Towns or silent tower?

I see, thank you for the help!

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I have a FULL set of nimble gear, I just need to get around to upgrading it. Right now, 144 nimble makes running away hilariously easy.

And then, once they give up, you walk back and then harass them until they either leave the server, or try and chase you again. Either way, you waste their time.


you gank them with your own squad

if that is not possible run for your life

I do this and use bow when searching for infamy then just switch player and when I got infamy from all of them, call someone else to collect free infamy and get them low without killing.