Tips for making galleons? (NO CARGO)

I am aware the new galleon limit is 5,000,000! Its MASSIVE right? Insane, compared to 500k… Now, I would want to reach this number by the end of this year! I currently have 570K Galleons (+50K including clan bank)… Yall have any tips in your moneymaxxings?

how do you have that much…


Selling jewels for fun, dark sea expeditions… And just having fun!

Well you answered your own question. It seems you are doing well with these methods

What? No no, you underestimate how much 5 million is…

Why would you need 5 mil?

Jewels give a lot, craft a gazillion with thronflowers and sell them

I want to attain a good amount of money that will let me have it easy endgame… And as a cult leader, I need money, yknow?

Why yes! Im alreayd doing this!

Sell all the stuff I don’t use except for the rare stuff and boss drops, find more stuff, repeat.
That’s about it.

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Accept random trade requests. This made me 70k in 4 hours. Literally nothing can possibly go wrong with this method.

sell your firstborn

sell your secondborn

sell your thirdborn

sell your fourthborn

sell your

If you have anything of remote value you can easily just oversell it for a gajillion dollars on the marketplace in the vetcord

All good ideas I suppose…