Tips for warlock?

I’m so pissed atm, I got absolutely owned by a warlord build who was way too cocky, and the worst part about it was they tried paying be back and saying they wanted to be friends, I’m super fucking angry I couldn’t kill em, and I was so close too! I need tips AND FAST, so next time I see them, they’ll feel my hatred.

I use thermo (like a normal person) and shadow.

Super mad man this stinks

Well aimed crashes mesh well with Thermo, although this requires a bit of aim.

Another alternative could be shockwave variation smashes (IMPORTANT - animations determine their direction, use stuff that go forward). Set them to either 1 or 2, or have both. They are a great punish. they are essentially much larger but shorter shots.

If you get towards another user in the air, and they start falling. Try to follow up with a smash, the height advantage allows for a larger AoE basically being a free punish.

Shot will be your main zoning move, use it as your primary damage when playing safe or as the initial hit. sizes of 60-20% are recommended depending on your aim.

Rushdowns are an amazing punish if you are close to a person during their endlag. If it hits at least and ensuring that there are not DoT on you since you will be knocked out of the rushdown on any sort of damage dealt.

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Looking at this this tells me I really don’t know how to use a warlock in combat against players.

The best thing i can tell you is to NOT use the grounded smash variant, it has way too much endlag for way too little damage to be viable, you’re literally stuck in endlag sitting there doing nothing for a whole second and a half.

Use shot a lot as well, it’s your best ranged poke tool.

Rushdowns are great if you can land them, but ONLY use it as a punish option, and keep your hit number as low as possible because it lowers the chance of the grab just straight up dropping in the middle of the thing.

There are also arguments for staying un-imbued for specific magic combos, especially ones that rely on hazards or have too high downsides for what they bring to the table. It would be helpful to know what kind of build you’re rocking (stat allocation, armor, fighting style and magic choice) to give more tips though.

Is iron leg + shadow good?

You can’t go wrong with a shadow imbue, but there are definitely more interesting options imo, that can still be very good

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