Tips to Gaining Infamy

Have you found yourself struggling to gain infamy for your guild? Are you on the brink of being kicked out because of your infamy gains? Well, this is the right guide for you.

Pinpointing with Fish:

Check their inventory, and scroll to the bottom. If the bottom is filled with fish, this means that they are most likely fishing. Each fish has a certain group that it belongs to, which gives the general location of the person who fished it up. Southern Oceans = The Ocean at Ironport and outside of Summerhold. Northern Ponds/Lakes = Mount Seawatch. Southern Rivers: River extended from Lake Argestes and goes past Silent Tower to Riverville. Northern Ocean: The entire ocean on the Northern Side of the map. (This one is hard to pinpoint as it covers half the map. )

Magius News:
This one is pretty simple, just check the news right when it comes out and see if you can see your target’s name and where he is/was. They should be somewhere in the area.

Getting Them to Come to you:
For this method, you can make up lies such as “want to fish with me? i asked the server and no one wants to ;(” Or “I found the minotaur/exiled, want to kill it with me?” Use your imagination, there are many more lies you can make but these are just two examples.

Getting an Alt:
This one is the most affective, and can be used multiple times. What you want to do is get an alt into the server. You need to convince them anyway possible to team with you. Use an excuse above or make up your own. Now that you’re in a team with them, find them and kill them on your main. If they don’t leave, you can find them again using your alt and kill them. Repeat until they leave.

Full Power Build
Once you’ve found them, or tricked them to come with you, put on a full power build. This is to kill them faster, and decreases the chances of them getting away, as well as combat logging. First, you need to get as close as possible. Make a friendly conversation with them, and get up close. Then, when you think they are typing, use a multi blast. I recommend 4 or 5 blasts, as they will run away after around 5.

1v1ing & Wagering:
For this method, simply ask them to 1v1. Don’t mention anything about infamy, something like this works: “Hey, you look pretty strong, want to do a few duels at the colloseum?” If they decline, put something on the line. “If I lose, I’ll give you a boss drop.” If you lose to a random, then you have a skill issue so you should be safe. You can just gank them after you 1v1 until they leave because it’s more fun.

Spam Inviting:
Over the past few months, I’ve noticed the slow dwindle of guilds in the game. One method that I’ve heard as a joke is to make an alt and make a guild, then spam invite people to increase the guilds out there. Now, this was made as a joke, but it can be used as an effective strategy.

Don’t infamy hunt in groups of 3 or more. 3 or more isn’t needed for random guilds and it makes it more likely for them to leave the server. If you’re in a group of two, split up and use the methods provided. If you’re in SunCry, I recommend hunting solo, as people are more keen to leave the server if they see two SunCry’s.

Thanks for reading, if you have any other tips that I didn’t know about or forgot to mention, be sure to reply with it.
EDIT: You are no longer allowed to leave and rejoin to bypass the infamy cooldown. It is bannable.

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your telling me people didn’t know the 2nd one?

? There are people who know about, people who just joined the game, people who don’t know about it. So yeah, there are people who don’t know about it, that’s why I’m making the post to help them out

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Mhm this is accurate as hell

There is a way to easily chase other guilds alot quicker as well but I’m not saying.

yeah you told me earlier lol that’s most likely bug abuse thankfully we don’t use it


also there is a way to turn into a car

Me with a half-guild over here not worrying about infamy or rking lol


that’s what i fucking tell the clown @Estaban but he keeps getting others for no reason cause bad bro all guilds bad 1v4 there ez

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Bro stop giving away trade secrets :pleading_face: please

Bypassing the timer by leaving and rejoining is no longer allowed
Don’t quote me on this but I’m pretty sure it counts as bug abuse

yo mama

Authors said that you can do it 3-4 times but more than that is pushing it

oh well in that case :hungry:

Inaccurate, best way to get infamy is to hop servers repeatedly at coliseum

random guilds don’t go to the colloseum, or a lot of times not even know it exists. This would be effective if you are good at pvp as people at colloseum are usually decent or good at pvp, but most of the people on the forums aren’t good at pvp, so for the majority of the forums people what you said is not an effective strategy and may make you lose infamy.

I mean it’s still the fastest way to find guilds, they might be in a big guild but nobody cares, infamy is infamy.

well, for you its infamy but for most of the community it will most likely be someone better than them meaning potential -infamy.

Every time I spawn at colloseum and there’s someone there, they are someone who is “good” and can beat the average forums member.