To all explosive users when the new update drops

( i just made this in with a template i found, anything else i should add )


I wanna gather up all of the explosives in game and put them on my ship. Then, I’ll look for a White Eyes and detonate them, instantly killing it.

actually that gives me an idea

Where you get this from? Whaling whales for meat is still kind of a thing, even back then. Also you forgot the mercury some have, they have a stupid amount.

feature idea : you can bait sharks into biting down on explosives

badge idea : “Jaws Detonation”
how’d you get it : Baiting a Shark into biting down onto an explosive, but only if it results in its death. If it doesn’t end up killing it, you won’t get anything but an incredibly pissed off shark.

not exactly suggestions-worthy, but i like thinking up ideas time to time

also, it’s a reference to jaws.


Other than the usual humpback or beluga, most whales have an atrocious natural flavor that not even mothers seasonings can hide.

Sp### whales, Ocras, Whale sharks, blue whales etc etc all have an unbearably bitter and rotten flavor.

I’d argue the same goes for even humps and killer whales but I haven’t eaten whale (nor do I plan to) so I guess don’t take my word for it.

I can’t say s*m whales :frowning_face:

understandable. But fuck autocensors.

sounds insanely hilarious

Umm acksually it’s “PROPELS”


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AKSHTUALLY, whalers were more after the whale’s blubber than its meat. They still took the meat, but it was more of a “hey, might as well.” thing.