To people who RKO during Boss Fights :

You sad sack of moldy potatoes. You must really think you’re funny, huh? It must be terrible knowing that you have the emotional depth of a dry pufferfish. I can only imagine you cackling to yourself, thinking that you got someone to acknowledge your existence. It must be a difficult task, waking up in the morning and not wondering why the hell you woke up. If only there was something better for you to do than be a pest, a parasite wherever you go. How I wish to reduce your face into something as flat as your brain with a frying pan. Your actions have shown me that any trace of human compassion or dignity should not be directed towards you. The only acceptable fate for you is becoming a rubber duck being held underwater, while I laugh as you gasp for air.


if you waterboard a rubber duck it’s gonna float

imagine not killing other players at bosses

gotta maximise the loot chance

imagine simping for bosses

this 100%.

This 0%.

If someone comes just kill them. Yes, it’s dishonourable, but I applaud the effectiveness of being opportunistic.

If their brains were dynamite they wouldn’t have enough to blow their nose.

As a wise person once said:
“You are the human equivalent of participation award, your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries. I hope you step on a lego.”

Imma just repeat this, because if you’ve got an issue with others stealing kills…

git gud.

i like to do this

@tiki I know u do. And I luv how this person described u perfectly

@tiki I expect 20 more bullied victims by the end of the week or no paycheck for you.

i cant even find a boss cus i talked to the damn minotaur

i too, hate people who RKO me during boss fights


yet u said good job to tiki when he did this to meh

this is ur brain rn

Well its quite annoying to have this happen to ya. Don’t ya think?

does no one here know what an RKO is?
hint: it’s got nothing to do with RK

Transfer your immense knowledge and tell us what rko means in pvp terms.

there is no such thing as RKO in pvp terms
RKO is a WWE technique used by wrestlers
RK means random killing