Tobin Silverthorn (Requested by Goopman)

(Magic circles are Tobi’s)
Tobin Silverthorn Reference

I have resurrected. Thank you @Goopman for requesting! Sorry for the long delay (Starting college :sob:) My sister hasn’t had time to draw either so sorry to @RippleScript who got second dibs. I will post as soon as she finishes. Anyway, since I’m in college now, these request posts are either going to be much less frequent, or more sketch-like. Commissions still gonna be closed till I get motivated again. In the meantime, somebody make a request for me :grinning:


this looks awesome


anywho request? got it

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Ah, a WoM file?

Goofy guy!! :purple_heart::purple_heart:

Nope, not an AO/WoM file, its a AO OC I made in Studio

Oh, nice!

Can I get a name, magic/fightning style, and a screenshot of the back please?

Admiral Agnis, Sun Curse (Warlock)

Lightning plus Alkaline is not a good combo, my insides were destroyed

yessir its been a while :100:

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Look at your boy! Repping Team Aristaeus!

Is there a space left for another request? Asking for a friend.

There would be but my sister is rlly busy so she can’t do much right now.